Outdoor Lighting

Having professional outdoor lighting can make a massive impact on your property. We at A&S Outdoors provide unique lighting solutions and designs to our customers. We want to make our customers happy. We can look after all the details and give the complete lighting solutions that you can enjoy. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable. The outdoor lighting contractors at A&S Outdoors can help you design the perfect lighting solution.

Irrigation System

An irrigation system is an investment in the health of your outdoor area. At A&S, we do it with a properly designed system that can do more than yard maintenance. To make your grass greener try installing the irrigation system for healthier plants and more leisure time. Irrigation problems can happen. Our trained professionals will quickly examine and repair your system. If a problem occurs, you can receive the highest level of care and customer support as we fix your system.

Patio Hardscape

At A&S Outdoors, we provide Patio Hardscape services for your clients. Our stonemasons give fantastic design work. Our professionals can assist you design and building suitable hardscapes to complement your outdoor space. All our hardscaping is installed with care and attention to detail to provide a long-lasting and attractive feature to your outdoor living space. We can design your patio and outdoor living space to reflect your taste while satisfying all of your needs at an affordable price.


Landscaping lights give your home a splash of color. Just by using the landscape lights, you not only add security to your home but add style and beauty. The landscape design is up to you. Outdoors lighting can brighten the darker areas in your yard and make it easier to see the steps in your landscape. To improve the beauty of your garden area, installing outdoor lighting is the best option.

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